Monday, December 27, 2010

September 2010

Our friends the Groff's have a zoo membership and let us go with them every now and then. I fed the kids donuts while we were there... they weren't quite hyper enough! :)

We met the Savages there as well, and Uncle Isaac went with us too!

Daddy was trying to prove to me that Levi needed a haircut.

Help... someone...

Levi's first bike ride with Daddy and big sis.

Jack ready for his bike ride.

Levi loves Pop-paw's corn!!!

Levi with Mommy at Culver's on his birthday.

This is where you find Kayla most days... reading!

Mommy and her big kiddos

Daddy and his buddy

Love... for the moment...

We took Jack and Kayla on a "date night" with mommy and daddy to Max and Erma's on family night. They enjoyed the lion the most I think!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

August 2010

I finally got brave enough at home and they both can sit for almost an hour and paint picture after picture.

Levi's favorite spot in the house is at his sister's kitchen!

We went to the State Fair with the Pituch's and had a blast!

Jack and Kayleigh are major buds! They were waiting to fish!

Blue eyed Emmett...

And their off to fish!

Watching the animals

Towards the middle of the month we celebrated our friend Emily's birthday.

Swingin' babies.

Kayleigh was telling me about her pink car.

Emmett was quite confident he was going to make that shot~!


Mr. Z..


Ben and Levi...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

July 2010

Silly Bandz...
I still don't quite get the fascination with silly bandz, but Jack and Kayla sure love them. The like to 'trade', which means they take which ever one they want from each other even with the other person doesn't consent! :)

Watching the rain and Nana and Umpaw's.

Steeler boy and Nana

Steeler boy and Umpaw

Family four-wheeler ride!

Levi loved the whirlpool tub in Mommy and Daddy's hotel room!

My buddy...

Now that's one tired baby...

Drool boy practicing his etch a sketch skills...

Fireman swimmer...

Levi loved the slip n slide this summer. He would just crawl up and down it trying to catch the water.

Oh that smile..