Monday, December 27, 2010

September 2010

Our friends the Groff's have a zoo membership and let us go with them every now and then. I fed the kids donuts while we were there... they weren't quite hyper enough! :)

We met the Savages there as well, and Uncle Isaac went with us too!

Daddy was trying to prove to me that Levi needed a haircut.

Help... someone...

Levi's first bike ride with Daddy and big sis.

Jack ready for his bike ride.

Levi loves Pop-paw's corn!!!

Levi with Mommy at Culver's on his birthday.

This is where you find Kayla most days... reading!

Mommy and her big kiddos

Daddy and his buddy

Love... for the moment...

We took Jack and Kayla on a "date night" with mommy and daddy to Max and Erma's on family night. They enjoyed the lion the most I think!


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